Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Fletcher Gull “Light Up” (2017)

Meet Fletcher Gull. The songwriter from Wollongong (now calling Toronto home), has been dabbling in the realm of alternative pop for a few years now – drawing on the paths paved by the likes of MGMT’s Andrew Van Wyngarden –  in creating original music that is demonstrative of his love for colourful and endlessly vibrant pop music.

With his new single “Light Up”, Gull gets personal in penning a song that has family at the core. Inspired by his younger sister, “Light Up” deals with innocence, the loss of it, and the role mental anxiety can play.

“If the song has a message,” he’s said. “It’s probably that torture of losing oneself in a haze of mental anxiety can be so innocently beautiful and taking a step back to look at it might change everything”.

The music video, premiering today, is glowing and represents the hopeful nature that permeates the music itself. Check it out below!

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