Exclusive Music Video: Formidable Vegetable Sound System “Kimchi” (2016)

Here’s something definitely a little different for your Thursday. What do you get when you take a world-renowned touring act and partner it with a borderline obsessive love for fermented Korean cabbage? Fremantle’s Formidable Vegetable Sound System and their new single, “Kimchi”, that’s what.

Zany as hell and pretty much to the point, the group have released this new ditty from their new album, Grow Do It – catering to both kids and adults alike (the food puns aren’t stopping today). The group has taken their big band/funk sound to over 14 countries so far, spreading the good word and the quirks that have brought them worldwide acclaim; not taking themselves too seriously, it’s clear that the group are as much about having fun and drawing their crowds in to enjoy a similar vibe, as they are about delivering the perfect kimchi recipe through their film clip – watch below!

The Formidable Vegetable Sound System are on tour through Australia this September, be sure to get culinary and have a dance at the below venues!


September 2nd | Daylesford Town Hall, VIC | All Ages | Tickets on the door
September 3rd | Theatre Royal, CASTLEMAINE | All Ages | Tickets on the door
September 9th | Camelot, MARRICKVILLE | All Ages | Tickets 
September 10th | Canberra Musicians Club, ACT | All Ages | Tickets on the door
September 11th | The Spotted Mallard, BRUNSWICK | All Ages | Tickets on the door
September 17th | Mt. Gambier City Hall, SA | All Ages | Tickets on the door
September 18th | The Gov, ADELAIDE | All Ages | Tickets
September 21st | Hannans Club, KALGOORLIE | All Ages | Tickets
October 2nd | PERMAFEST, Swan Valley Adventure Centre, PERTH | All Ages | FREE ENTRY