Exclusive Album Stream: Waza – Crooked Jaw (2016)

While the release of his much-anticipated new album Crooked Jaw doesn’t officially see release until Friday, the man behind the sounds – Sydney producer Waza – has given us a special green light to share his new collection of material in advance!

Available to check out through today and tomorrow, Crooked Jaw is here for your enjoyment; featuring a slew of incredibly talented MC’s and guest vocalists, Waza ha delved in to a vibrant and energetic pool of influences with this album, making it some of his best work yet. Always about taking his listeners on a journey with his music, the creation of Crooked Jaw has had Waza do just this, once again. From ambient moments through to some punching moments of funk and hip hop, the album takes the listener in and out of different musical shades and tones effortlessly.

Through the album, the likes of Aquila YoungBroadwing and Sasha of Slumberhaze fame add their own flair and aid this explorative approach to the album’s composition that Waza has taken, when it’s come to Crooked Jaw.

Hit play on the link below and become immersed yourself.