Exclusive Album Premiere: Merc Mason – Lucid (2017 EP)

Sydney’s Merc Mason has come through with the goods with his new EP Lucid – he’s still a fresh face on the national scene but for local hip hop heads, Mason’s is a name that has been associated with some hectic trap-infused tunes that have been tailor made to go in hard.

Following on from the release of the well-received “Pull Up, Hop Out” track, Mason’s trajectory has been set firmly on the come up and this EP is demonstrative of the lyricist’s strong launch forward. Sonically, the production and fusion of attitude-licked lyrics puts Lucid in alongside releases by the likes of A$AP Ferg and 2 Chainz; the influence on Mason’s style from the luminary Southern rap sounds of the late 2000’s is also evident, though it doesn’t overpower.

Over the five tracks, we’re introduced to a hip hop artist with his own story to tell and he uses his platform well in projecting. He remains in his own mind but he also allows the listener in. There are personal struggles, but personal triumphs too. It’s been up to Mason to deliberate how much we see but with Lucid, we’re off to a good start in getting to know him better.

Merc Mason launches Lucid at the OAF Gallery in Sydney on September 29th, with Desert Moons on support. Follow him online here.