Join The Crew

Love writing about or shooting live music? Enjoy a good night out?
Looking to get your foot in the door of the Music Industry?

There are a variety of ways you can become a part of the AU review ‘crew’.


The AU Review is constantly looking for new writers and photographers from around Australia. We only accept new contributors at set periods throughout the year, so please don’t get offended if you don’t hear from us for a while.

Become a writer for our MUSIC section – Form is HERE.

Become a writer for our ARTS section – Form is HERE.

Become a writer for our FOOD & LIFESTYLE section – Form is HERE.

Become a writer for The Iris’ VIDEO GAMES section – Form is HERE.

Become a writer for The Iris’ FILM section – Form is HERE.

Become a writer or photographer for our HELLO ASIA! section. This is for those interested in Asian Music and Culture only. Form can be found HERE.

We do not have any openings for AU Abroad, however we do take individual article pitches. If you feel you have an article (or an idea for an article) that would suit the section, please e-mail editor Larry Heath, [email protected].


We’d like to invite photographers from around Australia to apply to shoot arts events, red carpets, live music and more. We are particularly interested in photographers in Darwin, Perth, Cairns and around Tasmania – as well as photographers interested in areas beyond live music photography…

To apply, please email [email protected] with LINKS to three photos or photo galleries that best define your work (no attachments permitted). Please outline where you are located, the sort of work you’ve done to date and the equipment you have, as well as the sort of work you’d be looking to do with the AU. If you do not have professional equipment (e.g. Camera with removable lens) please do not apply.


We are now accepting applications for our new internship and volunteer programs from around Australia. We invite interns and volunteers who are interested in the following categories to fill out the form HERE.

– Writing and Editorial (can be broad or focus on music, film, theatre etc.)
– Video Production and/or Editing
– Event Production/Management
– Content and Contributor Management / Editing
– Social Media
– Graphic Design (Digital and Print)

Internships are now available all over the country – with most internships completed from home – some in office roles may be available in Sydney and Adelaide.

Again, that form is available HERE.


For the first time ever, Hello Asia! is looking for interns to join the team for our 60 hour internship programs. These internships are only available around Australia to people over the age of 18 and will include focus in the following areas:

– Writing and Editorial
– Content and Contributor Management / Editing
– Social Media
– Optional Graphic Design and Video Editing / Production opportunities.

Interns for Hello Asia! must have a keen interest in music from the Asian region. We’re talking Korea, Japan, Hong Kong… You get the picture. You must be a competent English writer. If you feel this is the perfect opportunity for you, please apply HERE!