Aussies at SXSW 2017: The Elliotts (Melbourne)

For Melbourne group The Elliotts, SXSW presents itself as more than just a quick overseas jaunt. Their debut in Austin is a step up and out from the open mic nights they’ve previously played in Los Angeles and no doubt, SXSW is going to be way more intense than some nights out in Cali. Still, heading over as part of an incredibly strong Australian contingent of artists, The Elliotts are going to be part of a great company representing. We check in with the band before they head on over…

Have you played SXSW before? How are you anticipating heading to Austin?

No. It is very surreal for us, we are extremely excited as well as petrified; not many Aussie bands can say that they have been to SXSW. We can’t wait to land in the country; as soon as we get off the plane, we feel like we are on holiday.

Tell us about (any) new music you might be hoping to showcase in Austin – how long has that been in the making for? 

We are due to hit the studio in May in Byron Bay; we have a mixture of old stuff and new stuff to play live. Rob will come up with the chords, melody and lyrics; he brings it to us an we practice whilst busking in the street.

SXSW can often be a platform for new musicians to gain exposure and also link up with potential collaborators/discover new artists themselves. What’s exciting you the most about heading over, as a creative?

We love collaborating! Whether it’s film, music, covers, originals; if you say the word, we are there. We are most excited about checking out other bands. If we weren’t going as artists, we’d be going as fans.

Have you toured/written/worked much in the American market before?

The only thing we have done is a bunch of open mic nights in LA. We also flew a producer called Matt Beckley out to our studio in Melbourne for two weeks of recording, which inspired our second EP.

Have you performed at any of these sorts of festivals before?

We have. Last year we played at Tallinn Music Week in Estonia; bands from all over the world travelled to the Baltics. Tallinn is a beautiful city, our home away from home in some ways. We fell in love with the people there.

If you’ve seen the SXSW line up – who are you looking forward to checking out?

Weezer! Also, Josh Cashman from Melbourne.

How would you say the Australian presence is growing at these international showcase events – what would you say it’s doing for our industry? 

Australia has had some wicked acts come out, especially lately, with Tash SultanaCourtney Barnett… We have a very unique culture and it oozes out through our music. Australian music will always have its place in the industry.


March 12th | South X Big Bang @ Big Bang Bar
March 14th | Sound Gallery @ B.D. Riley’s
March 17th | TenOak Bourbon House & Kitchen