Aussies at SXSW 2017: Josh Cashman (Melbourne)

Melbourne’s Josh Cashman is another talented Aussie artist set for his SXSW debut in Austin this month; ahead of all the chaos, we check in to see how the new few weeks are lined up for him!

Have you played SXSW before? How are you anticipating heading to Austin?

This is my first time! Excited, nervous, a whole bunch of mixed emotions! But they’re all good! Many people have said to come prepared, as it is a hectic, busy week with barely any time to breathe! All in all, I’m so pumped for the experience, and the opportunity to showcase my music to an international audience.

Tell us about (any) new music you might be hoping to showcase in Austin – how long has that been in the making for?

I have an EP coming out in July this year. I recorded six tracks with Melbourne-based producer Jan Skubiszewski in late 2016, so I’m super excited to share those creations live. “Listening” is my second single from that EP, out March 23rd.

SXSW can often be a platform for new musicians to gain exposure and also link up with potential collaborators/discover new artists themselves. What’s exciting you the most about heading over, as a creative?

I think being in a environment where some of the biggest and best musical minds in the world have come together, is going to be an eye-opening experience for me. Aside from doing four of my own showcases, I’m most excited to meet an array of artists and industry folk that can somehow complement my art and future as an artist (and person)! It’s all about putting your music out there in a huge international arena like SXSW, and seizing the opportunities that come out of it.

Have you toured/written/worked much in the American market before?

Yes, I just wrapped up my first US tour with Tash Sultana. We played nine shows in two weeks across the country. It was such an incredible experience, visiting different cities and meeting fans from every corner of the country. I’m also writing with some LA-based and NYC-based producers while in the States, so I’m looking forward to what comes out of those collaborations too!

How different would you say your experiences have been over there vs back home?

Having the opportunity to meet my American fans face-to-face made the whole touring experience so much more rewarding. Some of them had travelled hours to come to the show, so I was really humbled by that, it blew my mind. I love my Aussie fans – they sing along to every lyric and love to get rowdy in the crowd on a Friday night. What I noticed about US fans was that they were super respectful and appreciative. They listened intently, and were all drawn in to every moment of the set. But either way, all I’ve gotten so far is good vibes and positive reactions which is all I’m looking for!

Have you performed at any of these sorts of festivals before?

This will be the largest festival/conference that I’ve played so far in my career.

If you’ve seen the SXSW line up – who are you looking forward to checking out?

Boo Seeka have been one of my favourite Aussie acts over the past 15 months, so looking forward to seeing and meeting those lads. I’ve also recently signed to Paradigm Talent Agency in the States, who represent them too (and other legends like Aerosmith and Coldplay). I’m also really digging NomBe at the moment. Really keen to hear what Nile Rodgers has to say too!

How would you say the Australian presence is growing at these international showcase events – what would you say it’s doing for our industry?

I believe Australia has something really special happening artistically at the moment, more than ever before. We have such an exciting movement happening, in my opinion my peers are currently producing some of the best music in the world! SXSW is an opportunity to share that with the rest of the world. Our presence is supported overseas by great organisations like Sounds Australia who help Aussie artists increase their reach at events like SXSW.

Do you have any upcoming releases you’d like to plug for Aussie audiences? 

My single “Listening” is dropping really soon!  I’m really proud of it, and I can’t wait to share it with my fans. The video also documents my travels around the States, performing in these crazy world-renown venues to such responsive fans. It’s the second single from my upcoming EP which will be released in July.

I’m playing at the Hills Are Alive Festival in Victoria (March 26th), and then have two single launches for “Listening” (April 7th @ El Topo, Sydney and April 21st @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne).


March 18th | 10pm @ CU29

Photo by Jorge Solozano.