Aussies at CMW: Spotlight on 2016 Showcase Artists, The Dead Love!

Sydney duo Clint Ossington and Stevie Knight are soon to throttle Toronto with their straight up, no nonsense brand of fun grunge rock tunes, as The Dead Love prepares to make their Canadian Music Week debut!

As part of our series, getting to know some more about the Australians headed out for the epic music festival and conference, Ossignton fills us in on the band’s expectations of the upcoming trip and what they hope to gain from it.

Introduce yourself!

Hey, I’m Clint and I play bass in Sydney Grunge/Power-Pop band, The Dead Love.

Have you played CMW before? If you have not, what are you expecting from the festival? What have you heard from others?

Long nights, ringing ears, beers, burgers and a bit of music! Ha! We’ve heard it’s an amazing festival because people actually still really want to go and see new bands and not much purely fall into the chaos party vortex like some of the other big events. I think finding balance between catching as much music as possible, performing the best we can and just dancing on the chaos vortex is the plan.

What are you hoping will come out of this year’s event for you?

Ultimately, the relationships and team to help us come back and tour more; we’re not heading into this to come back empty handed! That said, regardless of above, the experience to showcase our music to fresh faces both industry and punter alike is a very exciting thing and we can’t f&*king wait to see how people take to our tunes…

Why should CMW attendees come and see you?

Because we’re travelling a long ass way, dammit! Ha! Without sounding like the self indulgent tool, we have good songs and we put on an intense ‘real’ show – and seriously, it’s a long expensive trip, so come and watch us.

What is a track that you think best represents where your band is right now, and what audiences can expect from your sound and your set?

Check out the first two singles, “Wastelands” and “Love Drugs” from our upcoming second album so whatever – it’s definitely a new direction for the band; we’ve gone right back to the basics and influences we grew up listening to in the 90’s.

What made you want to showcase at CMW?

It seems Australians and Canadians have a really good relationship and passion for each other’s music and countries! So when the opportunity came up, it made perfect sense to go.

Do you have any dream collaborations?

A track with Snoop Dogg, who wouldn’t? Probably wouldn’t make sense or sound good at all but still, it’s Snoop!

How much more international touring is on the cards for this year?

We will be dropping our album and touring Australia mid year, then looking to be back in Canada in September/October, all going to plan.

How do you think/hope the Canadian crowd will receive your music?

Canadians love beer, whiskey and rock ‘n’ roll – we will do just fine!

What other Aussie act playing CMW would you recommend the rest of the world needs to see?

MABEL – absolutely fantastic Sydney band.

Please list your CMW showcases (to now) and give us a link where we can find your most up to date list!

May 4th | CMW Showcase – Smiling Buddha @ 1am (Thursday AM)
May 5th | CMW Showcase – Bovine Sex Club  @ 10pm
May 7th | CMW Showcase – The Aussie BBQ, The Horseshoe Tavern @ 4:15pm

Find out more about The Dead Love HERE!