Artists at BIGSOUND 2016: Wallace (NZ/Sydney) on returning to Brisbane with more music to share

Wallace has been establishing herself as an artist to watch through 2016 with singles “Is It You” and “Negroni Eyes” in particular striking a chord. Returning to Brisbane for BIGSOUND next week, the Sydney based New Zealander tells us a little about how her experience at the event last year has informed how she’s approaching the chaos in 2016.

If you’ve attended BIGSOUND before, how did that experience treat you?

It’s my second BIGSOUND, so I know what I’m in for. So excited for the madness to begin. I was lucky enough to be invited up to BIGSOUND last year after having released only one tune. It was so much fun, but I feel like we’ve got a lot more to show this year. Can’t wait to hit The Zoo.

There are going to be so many shows to be seeing; do you have any type of game plan going into BIGSOUND this year when it comes to dealing with the craziness? 

The line up is crazy this year! I’m gonna be running around like a mad woman.

Are there any particular artists you’re keen to see that you’d recommend someone else hitting BIGSOUND for the first time? 

Definitely check out BUOY. She’s a mofo! I’m really excited to see 30/70 for the first time too.

For emerging Australian talent, what would you say is one of the biggest things you could hope to take away from an event like BIGSOUND? 

It’s just a great opportunity to connect with all sorts of amazing people from the industry. Not just other artists, but all the other people who work so hard behind the scenes.

In terms of new music, can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on at the moment and if you’re going to be looking to show off some fresh or new tunes for the BIGSOUND crowd?

I’ve got a tune hot off the press that was only released on the 1st of September called “Raffled Roses” and we’re talking about an EP.

What music of yours should we be checking out ahead of BIGSOUND?

Definitely check out the debut music video for “Negroni Eyes”, directed by Gregoire Liere and the singles I’ve released: “Raffled Roses” (Prod. Godriguez), “Is It You” (Prod. Kraak and Smaak), “Negroni Eyes” (Prod. Godriguez), “Beauty (Feat. Sampa The Great)” and “Vinyl Skip”.

Wallace plays The Zoo as part of BIGSOUND 2016 on Wednesday, September 7th from 10:30pm until 11:00pm.

For more information about BIGSOUND 2016, head HERE!