Artists at BIGSOUND 2016: The Ruminaters (Sydney) talk new music, touring in the UK & returning for their first BIGSOUND

The Ruminaters are set to hit BIGSOUND for the first time this week, with an eagerly anticipated set at The Flying Cock lined up for tomorrow night. Ahead of the show, we check in with the band to see how they’re looking forward to getting amongst it all.

How are you anticipating the event, if this is going to be your first BIGSOUND?

First timers! We are super pumped and excited to be heading up to BIGSOUND. Heaps of cool bands playing, so I’m looking forward to running a muck round The Valley! It’s shaping up to be a real good time. It’s been a big year for The Ruminaters; we recently got back from Europe and the UK, where we were touring and finishing off our new record. It’s five tracks in length and it’s sounding very sick and awesome. Real psyched to be previewing most of it at BIGSOUND.

There are going to be so many shows to be seeing; do you have any type of game plan going into BIGSOUND this year when it comes to dealing with the craziness?

Those who know The Ruminaters will know that planning is not quite one of their strengths. In saying that, our bass player Jarleth just got home from a 10 day festival in Portugal so he’s pretty much been in training [for it].

Are there any particular artists you’re keen to see that you’d recommend someone else hitting BIGSOUND for the first time? 

I’m real keen to catch Wet Lips, Dorsal Fins and Hideous Sun Demon. I haven’t seen them before. Also Shining Bird, A.D.K.O.B, The Belligerents and a bunch more that I can’t seem to find in my brain right now…

For emerging Australian talent, what would you say is one of the biggest things you could hope to take away from an event like BIGSOUND? 

BIGSOUND is such a bloody great idea and opportunity for a band like The Rumies. I think you have to be realistic about heading up to BIGSOUND. We definitely have a strategy and goals we want to achieve, but to be given the platform to spread the word of The Ruminaters is awesome in itself.

Events like BIGSOUND and organisations like Sounds Australia do such a great job in creating opportunities for bands like us to play in front of new audiences and part of the biz that are yet to pick up on The Rumies. It’s gonna be great hanging out and seeing/meeting new bands and hopefully putting on the greatest rock and roll show BIGSOUND has seen.

In terms of new music, can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on at the moment and if you’re going to be looking to show off some fresh or new tunes for the BIGSOUND crowd?  

We just got back from the UK where we were finishing off our new record,  I Used To Hate The Ruminaters, Now I Like Them. It’s our second release and it’s red hot and 100% full of bangas…Actually, there is one song that is a bit of a slow burner but it’s probably the nicest song we have ever recorded. Last week we released a single called “Bad Bad Things” off that record.

We are very pumped to be previewing these bangas plus a bunch of other bangas at BIGSOUND.

What music of yours should we be checking out ahead of BIGSOUND?

We just dropped this crazy 360 Virtual Reality video for our new single “Bad Bad Things”. This was shot by our buddy Marcus Haney, who we picked up in Barcelona. We spent the next three days travelling from Spain up into France and then over to London shooting as we went. It was probably the most hectic three days I’ve ever had. There’s some crazy stuff that goes down in that video and you should check it out!

The Ruminaters perform at The Flying Cock as part of BIGSOUND 2016 on Thursday, September 8th at 10:00pm.

For more information about BIGSOUND 2016, head HERE!