All Killer, No Filler: Meet Adelaide’s YEWTH

Adelaide has been existing in an interesting state of flux, when it comes to music and the arts recently. More and more, our interstate cousins have been turning their heads for what we’ve got to offer.

We’ve got some of the country’s most exciting musicians getting that bread interstate and abroad, out of the ashes of defunct festivals have emerged new and inspired ideas for live music events and platforms (Porch Sessions, Stonecutters, Futuresounds) and of course, we haven’t been crippled by citywide lockout laws (yet).

The little city that could? Adelaide’s proving to be worth much more.

Still, this isn’t to say being a young creative in the City of Churches isn’t without its struggles. Bucking against the trends of the well-established arts and music industry brings with it its own risks, financial and creative, but it’s with the recent wave of young and eager entrepreneurs embarking on their own path that we’re seeing a change in attitude across the board.

Enter the dynamic four-piece that is YEWTH. Over the past two years, what started as a Year 12 project by writer Caleb Sweeting has flourished a popular and potential-packed brand that has seen a new print publication emerge on the Adelaide scene at a time where major music street press was entering its final days. Now spread across print, video, event and digital content, YEWTH has become a name many have gotten behind and the results of each project the team have brought off the ground have shone brightly.

Courtney Duka, YEWTH’s resident PR and Events guru, notes the growth of the brand over the last few years.

“The name is starting to really get out there to the point we are getting offered opportunities with some of the major festivals and industry figureheads within music and art in the country, which is a really positive response. Not only that, but receiving nods locally from people we admire so much solidifies that we’re doing something right. We’re really appreciate of people like MusicSA getting behind us, or all the people that let us harass them in the name of YEWTH.”

With Client Liaison at Yours & Owls 2016 | YEWTH
With Client Liaison at Yours & Owls 2016 | YEWTH

Originally running her own Adelaide-based online publication in One & Three alongside videographer Lewis Brideson, the duo eventually joined forces with YEWTH following initial collaborations on the latter’s fifth issue. Fast forward to this month and the team are readying the release of Issue 007 (to be officially launched at an all-ages, all-day event at The Ed Castle).

“There were multiple long discussions about Lewis and I dissolving One & Three to join Yewth earlier this year after contributing to Issue 005.” Duka explains. “Issue 007 marks the second issue that we have officially been a part of the team and I don’t think we could have made a better decision.”

“I don’t think Caleb had any concrete plans for keeping YEWTH running for quite this long from when he created it in 2014 as his Year 12 research project.” she admits. “Two years later, it feel’s really nice as a whole team to be launching Issue 007 this week. We’re still finding our feet in so many ways and we are aware there is more to learn, which keeps the hunger and momentum rolling.”

“There is a huge amount of talent in Adelaide. We are constantly finding things that excite us which inspire us for the next print magazine, video, event, article etc. It’s the mutual love of print and passion for what’s going on around us that keeps YEWTH going. Slightly cheesy, but true.”

The party the team have pulled together for Issue 007 on Saturday includes live music courtesy of Adelaide locals in BattlehoundsHyder SeekAttila My HoneyThe Smocks, not to mention the one and only 2016 show from Adelaide favourites Archers. With market stalls and DJs set up in the Ed Castle’s beer garden from mid-afternoon, YEWTH are ensuring everyone’s going to be taken care of.

“There are so many things to celebrate with this line-up,” Duka enthuses. “I’m really fucking pumped. Mostly just including bands that we love and getting the chance to hear some new music that I know a few of the bands have been working on recently. Plus, we’ve just added TXNK to the beer garden DJ line-up, who will be performing for a live recorded mini-mix. Get ready to shake your rump.”

“It’s amazing what a bit of nagging will do,” she jokes of getting Archers onboard for the event. “No, we’re good friends with the boys so it was really nice getting to tee that up and getting to celebrate the occasion together.”

“We’re excited that this event is all ages.” Duka adds. “It’s important to us that we are not only encouraging the ~yewths~ to support the local music and art scenes, but actively making sure it’s available to them. It’s great to offer them a chance to see some of Adelaide’s best local bands – both well-known names and quality up and comers.”

Of the upcoming new issue of the magazine itself, Duka provides a little insight into what readers can be expecting.

“It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait for you to see it! The issue’s content is 100% local; the articles, the photography, the artwork and illustrations – it has all come from people here in Adelaide and is a healthy spread of art, music and film. Personally, I’m stoked to have Sleep Talk featured in this issue. They’re a band I’m keeping an eye on going into 2017, and it’s nice to be showing some love to the local hardcore scene.”

“One of my favourite things about the print is that I already know no matter how many times I read the issue, I’ll find something new I haven’t noticed before each time. What Dave [Court] has done with the design in this issue is sexy AF.”

Looking ahead to 2017, Duka is excited about what YEWTH still have up their sleeves. With a Patreon campaign steadily garnering more support, the ambition and ideas the team have for continuing to take Adelaide music, film and art forward is only growing.

“There is a lot of potential for Yewth in 2017,” Duka says. “[With] ideas coming in from both within the team and collaborative projects which we’re really excited about. I think for the most part, it will be a matter of refining what we’re already doing before looking to expand, though. Keeping the print and video quality standard is always going to be important to us and we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew and let YEWTH suffer as a result. But keep your eyes peeled.”

“The talent within the Yewth directing team is ridiculous and I’m so proud to work alongside these guys.” she adds. “Only a mere two years ago, none of us knew each other at all, so it’s pretty incredible that we’ve come together and get along so well. From strangers to frequent dumpling dates, it’s pretty cute.”

“Also, the fact that we manage to still get things done at all with the amount of work outside of YEWTH, study and creative projects we are all involved in within our separate fields continues to surprise me. It’s also the reason I think it’s building though, we all have something different to bring to the table.”

YEWTH’s Issue 007 event is happening on Saturday, November 19th at The Ed Castle from 3pm. Entry is $10 on the door or you can purchase tickets HERE. Keep up to date with all things YEWTH at

Photo by Morgan Sette.