Tour Diary: Melbourne’s Gamjee take us on the road

With their debut EP Crooked now out and working its way around the traps, Melbourne psych-rockers Gamjee are currently revelling in the results their months and months of hard work have now presented. When “Monday in Bed” came out last year, the band was quick to line up positive reviews but as a live unit, they really have shone strongly over the last year.

Having toured with the likes of StonefieldGood BoyPeter Bibby and Kikagaku Moyo from Japan, Gamjee have really flourished on stages around the joint – check out some of their memories from the road below!

‘The emotive one’ – Miles atop his throne of tubs.
Squished in the corner of The Tote upstairs – obviously likes playing drums…
Two vicious lions truly feeling the rock and/or roll…
Performing ‘The Word’ – Jerry, the Japanese red demon guitar (nametag almost visible).
Connecting with Lucifer – great lights at The Lansdowne for Stonefield’s ‘Delusion’ show.
Sam, Miles, Lily – Brothers and Sisters unite in seemingly rehearsed symmetry.
Zero gravity hair – Full extent of on stage acrobatics for Sam.
Split pic (Stonefield show?) – The foot action that goes on in Gamjee show ft. Kazoogelhorn.
Morris feeling the groove back there – Stonefield ‘Delusion’ shows.
Somehow this photo flipped so Jack and Sam left handed – Morris out front of Curtin.
Mrs. Tambourine Woman – Spot the precariously placed pint.
Nice action shot of Lil and Morris – One of the Yah Yah’s shows.
Sam feeling the machine gun bass vibes – Performing Dragoons cover ‘Youth’.
Jack singing ‘Youth’ – First gig Miles played with his holy angel snare.