Meet rising Adelaide producer Alêtro and get a hit of “Bubblebeam”

Adelaide producer Alêtro comes through to us this week with a bright, pulsating piece of new music in “Bubblebeam”- inspired by his Nintendo 64 game sounds and an ever present love for making glimmering production and equally as captivating soundscapes, “Bubblebeam” is bound to make some heads bop.

Making music since 2013, Alêtro has been crafting music across the scope of EDM consistently but as he explains, “Bubblebeam” is where he wants to take his music, moving forward.

“”Bubblebeam” is basically an audible Where’s Wally of sounds, but I do like to think it blends pretty accurately what I’ve been trying to achieve across my recent releases.”

To find out a little more about this producer, we go behind the scenes to see his set up, and how he works – check it out below!


This is my cute, little bedroom set up with some of my live gear on it. It’s made up of a Novation keyboard and launchpad as well as an Alesis sample pad. I’m often awake until the early hours of the morning at this desk making something that I think is completely ridiculous the next day when I wake up.
My magical dog Gioia (named after the town in which my dad was born in Italy). She keeps me company and sits next to me whenever I’m at the desk. You can see she sleeps on a crocheted blanket that my mum knitted.
This is Ganesh, known as the remover of obstacles. This card was given to me as a remedy for writer’s block by a friend of mine who had recently returned from India. It seems to work well for my creative flow.
These crystals are calcite and amethyst. They help your energy flow and keep your chakras balanced… according to Jes of China Roses anyway. I’m happy to take all the help I can get.
My one-year-old nephew, Raffaele. This Godfather-like photo is a great metaphor for the fact that he pretty much runs the household now. He’s a real chubber.
Being in a wog household means that there’s always members of my extensively large family around. I’m trying to get Raffaele interested in music from a young age and keep the tradition of music running through the family. I just bought him a xylophone for his birthday so we’re off to a good start.
This is me desperately trying to be as good at guitar as when I was 16 and in love with Guns N’ Roses. Obviously the only guitar for me is an orange sunburst Les Paul. I’ll level with you, I only opened the blinds for the first time in 6 months for photographic purposes. I refuse to work in anything other than darkness.
Here you can see my dog sleeping on the couch whilst I’m working away on one of my many projects. My desk is filled with dusty clutter but its very organised clutter. Please do not touch any of my things or my eye will start twitching.
Another picture of my muse cause she’s so special and needs to be shared with the world. 1 like = 1 pat.

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