Photo Gallery: Sounds Australia’s Aussie BBQ @ Music Matters – Millian, Singapore (13.09.16)


SOUNDS AUSTRALIA hosted another successful Aussie BBQ event for 2016, this time hitting Millian in Singapore with a slew of talented artists as part of Music Matters. This year saw the likes of Rag N’ Bone, Maefire, Slumberjack and more hit the stage throughout the BBQ event – a killer celebration of Australians doing their thing and doing it well….

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Radiohead’s first-ever concert in Iceland brings incredible setlist at the breathtaking Secret Solstice Festival

Secret Solstice

The annual festival Secret Solstice takes place during the summer solstice in Iceland, celebrating 24 hours of light. Anyone who lives up north definitely appreciates this light after such a long period of darkness. So, naturally, they need a party to celebrate. The festival is just outside the city centre with views of Iceland’s natural wonder….

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